The Saucining

Buzz's BBQ is a unique small batch artisanal blend of bbq sauce styles from across America. A thick base of Kansas City sweet, the tangy round body of Carolina mustard and vinegar styles and the high notes of a Tennessee whiskey sauce.

Where to get Sauced

The Saucepocalypse is upon us!


Interested in stocking Buzz's BBQ sauce on your shelves?. Call Robert Brooks at 502.376.0405.

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How it started.

  • 13.7 Billion Years Ago

    Humble Beginnings

    The universe popped into existence with kind of a slurping noise. Not an unpleasant or rude slurp, just enough to let everyone know it had arrived.

  • 4.54 Billion Years Ago

    Galactic Sector ZZ9 Plural Z Alpha

    Some tiny bits of star farts decided it was time for a small gathering. Unfortunately someone told Jeff, who was notorious for inviting tooooo many friends. It wasn't long before there were so many farts at the party, they started to coalesce and clump together.

  • 1138 AD


    Late one afternoon, while on a LARPing expedition with friends, Sir Laurence of Barbecue accidentally spilled ketchup on a wild foam and duct tape boar that was sitting in their supplies wagon which was full of sugar, vinegar, spices and other natural flavors. While eating the wild foam and duct tape boar was generally regarded as a bad move, everyone agreed that the sauce was delicious. This gave Sir Laurence an idea. Unfortunately Sir Laurence was beheaded after trying to serve the king a foam and duct tape turducken. However, Sir Laurence had a page named Jimmy who remembered the combination of spices that made the boar so yummy. Jimmy used his knowledge to start his own food wagon and named his secret sauce after his former master. After many months of unsuccessfully trying to sell food covered in "Laurence Sauce", Jimmy decided to change the name.

  • May 1977


    A Terminator was sent back in time to stop the creation of the creator of Buzz's BBQ. Fortunately Star Wars had just come out and this distracted the Terminator long enough for future Buzz to send a Terminator back to stop the first Terminator. Knowing the first Terminator failed, the Skynet sent another Terminator, so future Buzz also sent another. So they sent another, and another and another until the timeline just became to convoluted and silly to take seriously. At that point Wil Wheaton and The Traveler showed up and put a stop to things. And with a puff of smoke that smelled faintly of lilacs the Terminators were gone.

  • Summer 2002

    The Saucening

    Tired of searching the store shelves only to find BBQ sauces that are too smokey, too vinegary, too sweet, and too watery. Buzz sets forth on quest to discover the recipe for perfect BBQ sauce.

  • Jan 2015


    The Buzz's BBQ goes into production at the Venture Out Business Center.

  • Dec 2015


    Need to get the taste of the prequels out of your mouth? Why not sneak some Buzz's BBQ Sauce in for your popcorn while you watch Episode VII.


Showing the love.

  • Eddie Tancredi, CEC

    Executive Chef - Managing Partner ADEGA at The Metropolitan 9

    Chef of the Year 2013

    I made some BBQ chicken last night with Buzz's BBQ and it was delicious!
  • Steve Yount

    Owner - Steve Yount Insurance

    I recently got married and had BBQ sandwiches as part of our reception meal. Buzz’s BBQ was a big hit. I received several compliments on the food. Buzz’s BBQ is delicious and well worth the price. Locally owned - 5 star sauce. Try it and enjoy.
  • Karl Miller

    Captain - Warp 11

    Lead Vocals/Bass

    We tried your BBQ and really liked it. Much better than normal store bought stuff. It was...

    wait for it...

    and it tastes great on Gorn!

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